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CloudDrive Signature



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That's very odd.


The SHA-1 hash should be "EF287BAE442E906CD7694FE595C920171964F816" and the MD5 hash should be "F406036DA6581D5782979098193EDB6F"


You can verify this with stuff such as HashTab: http://implbits.com/products/hashtab/


However, chances are that this is an issue with your root certificates. 

You should be able to fix that by doing this:


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Ah, okay, this seems to be an issue with the Edge and Internet Explorer browser specifically.  Chrome and Firefox don't exhibit this issue at all. 

We're looking into it, and will see about fixing it, if possible. 




However, the download is most likely valid and okay to use. 


If you want, use the above information to verify the file integrity. 

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