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How to ignore specific SMART warnings ?



I moved over to drive pool from drive bender, and added scanner at the same time.. some of my disks are _old_ but, still working fine.. the SMART data for them is acceptable, except for a few of my older disks, where I now get a daily email saying the head park count is too high.. For the sake of brevity, here's just one of the warnings..
(yes, it's likely the drive actually has that many park cycles, so do it's friends, they all lived in a server that may have been a little too aggressive about parking! They are fine in all other respects though, and have been running for just over 10 years)

  • ATA XXX XXXX-XXX-XX SCSI Disk Device - 1 warnings
    • The head of this hard drive has parked 1,369,995 times. After 300,000 parking cycles the drive may be in danger of developing problems. Drives normally park their head when they are powered down and activate their head when they are powered back up. Excessive head parking can be caused by overzealous power management settings either in the Operating System or in the hard drive's firmware.

Now I _really_ want to keep SMART warning emails enabled, so that if say, reallocated sector counts start climbing I will replace the disk, but at the moment, every day I'm just being spammed with an email saying the same thing.. (for 6 disks out of 20 or so).. is there any way I can acknowledge these errors for these disks, to make the emailed warnings less likely to be ignored when eventually one does come through with a different issue? 


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1.  open scanner UI and select the drive and then the blue 'S.M.A.R.T. health' link at the bottom of the UI, or right-click the drive and choose 'Show S.M.A.R.T.'  this will open a window/box with said SMART info.

2.  select whichever warning you wish to ignore and scroll to the bottom of the box and click 'ignore this warning.'  another smaller box will open and you can choose to ignore that particular warning until it happens again, or ignore it permanently.  choose accordingly.

3.  repeat for all drives you wish to ignore the error/warning.  Viola... you're done.

disclaimer:  i do not have email alerts set up and never have.  i would assume the emails will now cease for that SMART warning, allowing others through if another attribute gets dinged.


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