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So which plugin would be the best for me to use with drivepool



I'm building a new server,

Running now 2 HP MicroServer N54L (Nice and small and low power usage)
And want to switch to 1 more powerful. (I think 1 bigger server will be cheaper in usage then 2 small ones)
The server holds all my music/movies/tv-shows and shares it between my 3-4 Kodi instances with a shared MySQL what also runs on the server.
(2x WD RED 4TB, 5x 2TB Samsung HD204UI, 1x Seagate 250 GB 7200rpm, 1 x Samsung 830 SSD)
The SSD drive I use for the OS (WSE2012R2).
The 7200 rpm drive as work drive for torrents before move and UseNet RAR/PAR2 creation.
At this moment I’m only using "Disk Space Equalizer" set on 90% so all files are spread over all drives equally.
No duplicate enable. :wacko:
Now I’m wondering if it would be smarter to use another balancer option if I’m going to move my server over.
But I don't want to lose performance. (The movies I play over the network are Blu-Ray Remuxs of 20-40 GB).
Would it be smarter to use "Ordered File Placement" so that the drives only get waken up when I access a file on that drive or during "StableBit DriveScan" what also perhaps results in lesser wear on the older drives and less power usage because the drives will be more in sleep state?
"SSD Optimizer" wouldn't work for me because the SSD is a small drive of 60 GB.
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Well, it really depends on what you want to do.


For the most part, the defaults are configured to be very reasonable and should work for most people.


The Ordered File Placement balancer is good if you want to fill up a single disk at a time, such as for power management reasons.  But it may not be necessary.

However, depending on the exact drives you're using, ... well, the WD REDs are designed for 24/7 usage.



And the disk Space equalizer balancer may be good if you have multiple systems watching different stuff at the same time, as it may split the activity between disks, reducing the load on any one disk. 





So, the question is, what are you specifically trying to accomplish?

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