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Standard system shutdown resulted in complete re-upload


Hi, just testing your software. I did a standard shutdown under Win7. When I started up again the CloudDrive software when into recovery mode after which it begin a complete re-upload of everything, even files that were uploaded a few days ago.


Sorry I did not enable logging and I'm only testing so is no big deal just want to know is this normal behavior and did anyone encounter a similar problem. Also, will this be the default behavior after a power failure? 


This is kind of bad if I had multi terabytes of data saved.

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IIRC it reuploads whatever is in your local cache after an ungraceful shutdown. I've only seen this happen after BSODs, but I guess it'll happen after power failures too. I've actually seen some data corruption occur when this happens during an active upload, though have struggled to reliable reproduce it.


That is has the potential to happen on a clean shutdown is a bit worrying!

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Well, this is a complicated bit.


When you shutdown the system, it doesn't wait to clear the cache. It does, however, clean up a few things and make sure that the CloudDrive disk information is properly flushed to the disk. This is for a number of reasons, but mainly, integrity. 


Once the system starts back up, it will resume uploading data from the cache.  It may re-upload some of the chunks, aif it interrupted these during shutdown.  However, it should only upload what is still in the cache, to be uploaded. 



However, if it was an unclean shutdown (for either the system of StableBit CloudDrive, and this includes BSOD/power loss/etc), it will check the data, and may even trigger a chkdsk pass (which will download data, and will re-upload "fixed" data). 

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