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Issues cleaning up old PoolPart.GUID directories




2 issues i was hoping to get some advice on:


1) I recently removed and re-added a drive from my drive pool while juggling some file placement issues and it's left behind an old PoolPart.GUID directory that I can't seem to delete.   There are no files and all the "leaf" directories (directories that don't have anything in them) report back as "access is denied" whenever I try to access/delete/change permissions.


I'm running with admin privilages as well.   reboots haven't cleared up the broken folders either. CHKDSK is clean as well...  this is on a w2k2012 r2 OS.


2) I've also noticed i have another old PoolPart.GUID directory on another drive.   This time, it *does* contain files (~2.8GB's worth 1000's of files).  Last touched more than a year ago..    This was probably from another drive removal and then re-add.  The files are still readable and directories are accessible (unlike issue #1).  


Anyone know of a way to easily validate the files in this old PoolPart are safe to delete?   It's a lot of directories and a lot of files.  



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You may need to take ownership of the folder and files.




Once you've done that, it may be more amenable to being deleted. Otherwise, try running "resmon" and see if any of the folders on the disk have any "open handles". 


As for the second disk, the easy way would be to copy the files back into the pool.  The Poolpart folder should have the same folder structure in it as the pool. So ... just copy/move to the pool drive. Skip any existing files.

Aside from that, there are a number of file comparison utilities (or utilities that will compare the files... total commander can be configured to display file checksums, IIRC)

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Hi Chris,


Thanks for the suggestions.  I did try taking ownership and it kept failing with the same error.  really strange.  what's stranger is that I recently moved the drive with the access is denied errors from a marvel 88SE9230 controller to an Intel controller while troubleshooting some SSD detection issues and after rebooting with the drive on the intel controller, all the folders I had issues taking ownership of disappeared.   This allowed me to delete the entire old PoolPart folder.  (yay!)


I don't quite understand why but I wonder if the OS treats the drive differently if it's detected as a hard disk drive vs. a solid state drive...


Anyways,  Thanks for the suggestion to copy the other files in the old PoolPart directly into an existing PoolPart.  My only worry is that some of these files are old or have been updated or moved to new locations.  I think i'll have to set aside a few hours and manually verify that the files already exist in the Drive Pool before I go ahead and straight up delete them.



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