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Not seeing SMART/temps for SAS drives?


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Hi there,

I recently picked up some cheap af SAS3 drives from eBay and tossed them in my server. For some reason, the temps aren't showing up in Scanner, and there's basically no SMART info. I have two other disks, SATA3 disks, running on the same controller and those work fine. Any idea how to fix this?

For reference, my setup:
- Dell R720XD running Proxmox
- Windows Server 2022 Standard Desktop VM
- Controller is an IT-mode H710P mini-mono, passed into the VM via pcie-passthru

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since no one else has chimed in yet, i will risk posting a few things i have learned about SAS drives, perhaps they may point you in the right direction.

*disclaimer*  i have never owned or used a SAS drive.  ever.

you can go here:


and here:


and read what Christopher says about SMART and SAS drives, and then about how they are still not supported in StableBit Scanner.


HardDisk Sentinel claims to support SAS drives, but i wouldn't know for sure.  go here:


lastly, almost every google search i launched (SAS and S.M.A.R.T. etc etc) returns a program called "smartctl."  go here to download it and explore the documentation.


hope this helps :)


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