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Attaching a different CloudDrive


Was in a situation where I had to copy off my file share cloud drive.  Copied it to a local hard drive.  Noticed that cloud drive was unable to see the hiddlen folder container.  Realized you have a naming convention for each cloud drive service.  Renamed the folder to match service (StableBit CloudDrive Share Data-->StableBit CloudDrive Data).  Tried attaching it via local disk cloud drive, and got the attached error. 



Checked the metadata file. Found the reference of service, and changed that to match.  Cloud drive attached fine after that. 


Requesting a feature, where any cloud drive can be attached without user intervention.


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To clarify, the original provider was the File Share provider, and you changed it to a Local Disk provider, correct?


If so, that may be the issue. Worst case here, you could use "\\localhost\x$\" instead (where "x" is the drive letter that the content is on... so if it is on the g: drive, you'd use \\localhost\g$\ instead)

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