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Possible BSOD in .393


After updating to .393 (from .379) I had two BSODs yesterday, though I also installed some Windows Updates too and am unsure if it was that or CloudDrive that triggered them. No drives were attached at the time of either crash. I'll upload the memory dump from the second BSOD in a bit - unfortunately it overwrote the dump of the first BSOD. The second one was a CLOCK_WATCHDOG_TIMEOUT - I didn't note what the first one was, though IIRC it was different.


*edit* The first BSOD was defiantly Windows Update related, and not CloudDrive, as I can reproduce it. The second one though I'm still not sure of.

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Sorry for not getting to you sooner, the "view new content" appears to be broken... or hating my system. 


If no CloudDrive was attached ... this is most likely NOT StableBit CloudDrive related. Specifically, the driver for the cloud drives are not loaded until a drive is attached.  If you're experiencing BSODs... they're likely not directly related.


However, if you could upload the crash dumps, we'll look at them anyways.


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