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Drive pool remote client not connecting


Issue has popped up on the latest beta release for me the remote client is not picking up the server whs2011. It occasionally does not show the server at all. A reboot solves the problem but somehow it's loosing the connection. Just me or anyone else.

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Noticed another quirk clicking the client computer when the server is not showing in the interface and trying to uncheck it brings up the server hmmm... at least I don't have to remote or reboot. I'll see if this continues as of now the server is showing on the interface.

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sspell, there were some changes to the Remote Control code, so that could definitely be the cause. 

Though, have you tried to add a "static peer" for that client?


From the block post (about 345)

Remote Control Updates

Remote control allows you to easily connect to and manage another system running StableBit DrivePool on your LAN.

Simply select which computer you want to connect to from the drop down at the top.


List Computers

This by itself is not new, but we have 2 new remote control features in the latest build.

Reconnect to the Same Computer Used Last

This was a user feature request and is now implemented in the latest build.

If you were connected to a remote computer when you closed the UI, the next time that you open the UI it will automatically connect to that computer (provided that it’s still online).

It’s a very small change, but actually makes a big difference if you only have one DrivePool server and tend to manage it from many clients. We now save you 2 clicks every time you start the UI.

Static Peers

By default StableBit DrivePool uses multicast UDP packets to discover other peers to connect to. Sometimes, due to your network configuration, multicast packets can be dropped by your router.

Now in the latest build the Remote Control system can connect to static peers specified by you.

The installer now places a new XML file in:
C:\Program Files\StableBit\DrivePool\RemoteControl.default.xml

You can edit it and define your own DrivePool peers using IP addresses, Windows computer names or domains. For further instructions just open the XML file in a text editor like notepad.

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