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SMART not available on SilverStone SST-TS431U




I've just picked up a SilverStone SST-TS431U 4-bay usb/esata enclosure and am having problems getting the scanner to display SMART info from the drives.


The DirectIoTest util shows valid SMART data is coming through for both USB (17 attributes come through) and UnsafeDirectIO (21 attributes), but in the scanner itself none of the drives have the SMART menu option, and even the drive serials have ?'s by them in the disk info dialog.


I tried the latest beta ( BETA) and even un-installed and reinstalled the latest release ( No joy..


In Scanner the drives are listed under "Renesas Electronics USB 3.0 Host Controller", which is the add-on usb3 card in my server..


OS is win server 2012. Other SMART apps see the drives ok and show the temperatures. Any ideas what I can try ? I've tweaked all the unsafe direct io options, restarted the service loads of times, etc..


Some screenshots attached..







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Further to my first message, I installed HD Sentinel and it gives the following info about the interface:


Hard Disk Summary
Hard Disk Number,6
Interface,SAT Standard USB/ATA
Vendor Information,"VID: 152D, PID: 0539"
Disk Controller,"Renesas Electronics USB 3.0 Host Controller (USB 3.0) [VEN: 1912, DEV: 0015] Version:, 8-21-2012"
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Try enabling the "NoWmi" option, that should ... help.





And could you run the BitFlock program, or on a drive that does get SMART data, check the "Submit to BitFlock" option and post the ID here?



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Hi Christopher,


Thanks for getting back on this..


I turned on the NoWmi setting and rebooted, but still I dont get any SMART data in the scanner from any of the 3 drives in the box when connected via USB. Comes through fine in other apps. 


I do get SMART data in the scanner when connected via eSata, would a bitflock from that be of any use ? 


It's not something crazy like the disk controller string "Renesas" having SAS in it, so the scanner doesnt think it's USB ?



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