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The Volume Bitmap is incorrect (WHS2011)



Hi Everyone


I need some help and advice.


I logged onto my server today and Stablebit was advising that the filesystem on one of my disks was having problems.  Have tracked it down to my C: drive (boot drive).


Have tried many times running Chkdsk and whilst in Windows it tells me that "The mater file tables (MFT) bitmap attribute is incorrect.  The volume bitmap is incorrect" but then when I tell the system to run chkdsk with the fix command it obviously requires a reboot, on reboot it tells me that there are no problems during the scan and then reboots back into Windows.


Have googled around and downloaded a couple of hotfixs from Microsoft but these are for Server 2008r2 and refuse to install saying that they are not meant for my system.  


Does anyone have any ideas?


I was looking into migrating from WHS 2011 to Windows 10 Pro towards the end of the year but if this is a problem and cannot be fixed I may need to do it now.  


I am currently trialling Drivepool and will be buying it at the end of the trial period as it seems rock solid, am I correct in thinking that all I would need to do is:

  • Install new Windows on clean O/S drive
  • Install Drivepool
  • Connect up the storage drives
  • Add them to the drive pool and all my data just simply appears with no problems and remains balanced with a version of each file.




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