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Few questions about use case and future development of CloudDrive


Hi there!


First of all, I'm glad to tell you that I'm loving your two other products!

DrivePool and Scanner are really awesome!


When I heard that you are developing a third software, I already wanted to buy it immediatly :D


I already tested the new software in a real environment (used it to synchronize my study stuff on Google Drive)


Now I have a few questions:


Will it be possible in future ...

1) ... to connect more than one client to one storage? (like a 1:n connection)

2) ... to use CloudDrive and connect to a cloud provider without creating these unreadable "block saved files"? (should stay readable to access it with the webbrowser)

3) ... to use CloudDrive as a normal synchronization tool like the other Cloud-Provider offer?


I would like to use DriveCloud as a synchronization tool to synchronize my BIG STORAGES (Cloud-Storage and Network-Storage) on my SMALL notebook SSD. But it's necessary for me that the files are still readable and that I can access the files from multiple devices. All the files and structues on my local and cloud storage has been created already. I'd like to have access on my already existing infrastructure. I don't want to separate them now. If this will be possible, I'd like to buy your product as soon as the functionality will be released.


Now the final question: Will CloudDrive meet my requirements in the future?

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  1. Not entirely sure what you mean here.

    However, you can connect to multiple accounts for each provider, and you can create and mount multiple "CloudDrives" from each account. 

    Towards the top of the UI, there should left/right arrows, or a large plus button. Click on those and you should be able to get back to the creation page. 


  2. Not really.  This is the best way to create and present a fully functioning drive (eg, you can use VSS on the drive, back it up, or even use BitLocker/TrueCrypt/DiskCrypter on the drive).  Using just files wouldn't really allow this.  


  3. You mean the way that the dropbox, ondrive, etc clients work? Or like syncing the data between providers? 



But no, we don't plan on truning StableBit CloudDrive into a program to directly access the files on whichever provider. Sorry. 

It was designed ground up to provide a drive that works and functions exactly like a physical disk to the system. It's not possible to do that and to display the file contents of the provider (or store the files on the drive as normal files on the provider). 

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