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Formatting a Drive After Copying Data into Drive Pool




I just purchased all three products for my Windows-based NVR (cameras). Looks great!

I have been using 2x 4 TB hard drives (data originally resided here). Recently I purchased a 12 TB hard drive. I added all three drives to a drive pool. I then used robocopy to copy the data from the 4 TB drives into the drive pool. The files are now copied, so I'd now like to to erase the 2x 4 TB hard drives so they can be fully utilized in the drive pool.

  • Should I just delete the folders and remove the drive letters?
  • If I format the drive, will it erase any hidden areas of the drive that DrivePool depends on?
  • Does DrivePool use areas of the drive that we can't "see" without DrivePool? I don't see separate partitions so I'm assuming this is the case. I just didn't want to erase something if it would mess up DrivePool.


Thank you! Loving the software!

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Just delete the old folders and remove the letters. Don't format the drives.

DrivePool stores a pool's files inside a hidden "PoolPart.UID" folder (where each UID is a unique, dashed alphanumeric string) in each drive that's part of the pool, so formatting any such drive would erase that drive's hidden folder and any data in it.

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