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I'll install it again later


I had it in a few places, it wasnt forgiving enough to last. I'll keep the licence and try it again later.


I wound up going the circuios route of :

netdrive  mounted the amazon cloud drive as a local drive - I needed this functionality anyways (drive e) .. very slow caching, not fast uploading.

endfs assigned to a subdirectory in that (drive u) .. endFS is glacial, with this targeted at the netdrive its twice as slow, 20 minutes to encrypt and upload a 20 meg file. dialup speeds. https://www.bestvpn.com/blog/11385/protect-cloud-storage-files-encfs/ 


the advantage here is its file level.. the file size is still obvios, but the names are encrypted as are the subdirectories. a failed file wont take out the virtual drive.



I'm Likeing drive pool, I'm deconstructing a drivebender configuration and moving it to another system with drivepool. it seems more robust.


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Well, depending on what your issue were, can can see about addressing them. Head to https://stablebit.com/Contactand we'll see what we can do.


However, just as a heads up, with StableBit CloudDrive, I do believe we checksum the blocks.  Which means we can detect if something goes wrong. Also, CHKDSK works VERY well on the CloudDrive. Just as well as a physical drive. In fact, Alex (the developer) tested this *extensively* "by accident (lots of BSODs during development, so damage to the CloudDrive definitely occurred, and CHKDSK would fix the issues, actually)



As for the speed, I can't say that I'm surprised. By using the encryption... that can add a lot of overhead, and using more resources to do so.  And Amazon Cloud Drive can be somewhat aggressive about throttling, in some cases.




But, I'm glad to hear that you found a solution that works for you. And that you're liking StableBit DrivePool. 

And in case it helps, we have a user written guide on how to convert a DriveBender pool to StableBit DrivePool:


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