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New ups





Finally got my hands on a cheap ups


Apc smart ups rt 5000xl in mint condition just under 2years old bargin of the year eBay £103 ;) with network crd all the leads and rckmount kit.


Ok it's installed in my rack batteries are fully charged now before I connect it to my server is there anything I should know I have it connected to my network and installed all the software and the server talks to it just fine is there anything I need to know before I go live with it


Also will it consume much power I.e is my electric bill going to go through the roof



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First of all, very nice find.


It would seem that this UPS doesn't have a USB connection for management. So you may need to make sure you have a serial/com port on the server/computer to be able to interface with it. And you'd definitely want to install the software


It shouldn't change the consumption much. It will consume a bit more, but not drastically. (like maybe, *maybe* 10% more).  There are devices to monitor the consumption, if you are really concerned (and the software should let you know how much power is being consumed through the UPS, I believe).


Otherwise, just make sure you configure the shutdown/standby functionality. And that you test it. It's no good if the battery only lasts 30 seconds....

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