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Server backup to file share


Ok so I created a 100GB drive on a file share clouddrive on my second WHS 2011 server. The aim was to use this drive as a backup location for my main WHS 2011 box. When I try to backup using it I get I/O error device. 


So couple of questions, is it even feasible to use it in this way? I wanted to utilise a network location without the restriction of only one backup as per using a network share normally.


Would it even be of any use if my main box failed and I need to access the cloudrive share to retrieve the backup? I'm thinking maybe not given how the files would be stored.



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If you're seeing errors with the backup,  please enable logging and reproduce the issue:




Also, are you backing up TO the CloudDrive disk? And you're using the File Share provider, correct?



And yes, you'd need to mount the drive to restore. However, you could mount it on the other system, and restore it to a new disk, I believe. Or do a clean install and then restore from the backup using "wbadmin.msc" (as I believe it should allow you to restore files OVER the existing system, I think, but I'm not 100% sure). 

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