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Windows 0xc0000005(STATUS_ACCESS_VIOLATION) Error code when building Rust application on drivepool with Read Striping on



New user here, I have a drivepool configured with 6 SSD's. I have duplication turned on. If I try to build a Rust (programming language) application, when build process fails, with windows error 5. This is a very weird issue, and I've been debugging this for hours now, before I realized that drivepool is most likely the problem, since the application builds correctly on any other drives which are not part of the DrivePool. It even works on the drives which are part of the pool, if I use them directly, circumventing the DrivePool layer.

After some more debugging it turns out that the issue is connected to Read Striping. Having it on is what leads to the aforementioned errors. However I'd like to continue using Read Striping, because disabling it leads to quite a big performance loss. What can I do in this situation? Can I turn off Read Striping on a folder to folder basis? Maybe turn off duplication on this folder only so that DrivePool is forced to read from one drive? What could be the root issue here? Maybe the compiler is using memory mapped files which do not play along with DrivePool?

What can I do to help you debug the root issue?

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