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onedrive + stablebit extremely difficult question


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Hi guys,

Use this since a friend of mine advised to use stablebit.

Actually, it's so many products that I give Alex a headache hahaha


here's the specification, my friend and stablebit have the same onedrive plans, despite all the same parameters, his friend's speed is 180 mbit, mine is only 69 mbit, despite the connection from the same service provider. if i am trying to send faster it gets "throttled" but no friend.

I've already discussed this issue with additional Microsoft admins but never got any helpful support. I'm here to. :)

My carefully researched friend's picture works fine with 2x, but mine is set to 3x, but 8x sometimes works with 10x. That's the only difference I can see. Sorry for my bad english. greetings to everyone!



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11 minutes ago, Christopher (Drashna) said:

Internet is hard.  Stuff like your ISP, distance from nodes, etc can all effect the speeds. 

That said, try 10 download threads, 10MB for the minimum download size,  and enable prefetching (with 1MB/70MB/120s), and see if that works better for you. 

as i said we are using same service provider with my friend. its hetzner.

i did. a bit faster for now but i still saw 10x sometimes x8

my friend's transfer is more stable then mine. always 2x 

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