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Why does it keep notifying me of things I don't want to be notified about??



About a year ago I went into Settings > Notification Settings and disabled the notification for "Notify when a disk is overheating".   Yet I've continued to see one popup after another notifying me of an overheating drive.   Out of curiousity, I enabled email notifications, and now I'm being spammed with drive overheating messages.   I'm currently running beta.

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Sorry for not explaining.  It may be a SMART error that is generating the warning, as opposed to strictly the temperature.


And speaking of which, have you unchecked the "Notify on SMART Warnings" as well? 

If not, try that, and see if that helps, as well. 


Also, could you enable verbose logging for the notifications?

To do so, click on the Settings button in the toolbar and select Scanner Settings. Enable the Show advanced settings and information option, and hit "OK". You will only need to do this once, from now on, it will always display this option.

Click on Settings, and select the new Advanced Settings and information option.
This should open up to the "Logging" tab. Find "Notifications" in the list, click on it, and then select the "Verbose" option. Click "Ok"
Once it's generated more notifications, send the logs to us:
Open up " C:\ProgramData\StableBitScanner\", right click on "Service", select "Send To" > Compressed folder. 
THen open a ticket at https://stablebit.com/Contactand upload the Compressed folder there.
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Was there ever a resolution to this? I am have the same notification problem.

I disabled temperature notifications and I still receive them when the temperature warning threshold setting is crossed.


Scanner version:

Disk: Seagate ST8000AS0002

SMART temperature threshold: 134F

Warning temperature threshold setting: 27F



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I don't think so. 


At the time, I wasn't able to reproduce it, but I am now


However, I think I know what is going on here...  The notification mentions when it exceeds the max specified temp, but what you're seeing is the "warning" temp threshold being exceeded.  Either way, it shouldn't be happening, or at least handled better. 


I've flagged the issue here:


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