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I was interested in using CloudDrive in combination with Amazon's Cloud Drive service.  I don't particularly need encryption, but functionality I *would* like would be the ability to access the data stored in the Cloud Drive via Amazon's web interface.  Is this possible, or does CloudDrive render the data unreadable outside of its own system?


EDIT:  Well I installed the trial and set it up on my 5GB of free storage and it does appear the stuff stored in CloudDrive is unreadable via the web interface (due to being chunked).


Is there an option I'm missing or any plans for the future to implement mapping the cloud storage as-is, sort of like NetDrive or Dropbox does?

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Alex made a nice long post on the Full Drive Encryption feature, which also explains why we designed StableBit CloudDrive as we have.




And yes, we do store raw chunks of data on the provider. We don't plan on offering functionality like NetDrive (which creates a emulated drive out of the provider and lists the contents).  

The difference is that because the drive is a "raw" drive, it should support pretty much anything a physical drive would normally (this includes VSS support).  It also means that you can encrypt the drive using our product, use BitLocker and/or TrueCrypt/VeraCrypt as well.  

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