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Christopher (Drashna)

How Do I keep duplicated data on the pool but other copies anywhere else?


To clarify what I mean here:
If you want to ensure that one copy of a duplicate file is on a CloudDrive, but you don't care where the other copy is (or it can be on any local disk).  
This can be confusing and a bit counterintuitive. 
Additionally, this will cause your system to want to continually rebalance, as the balancing ratio will always be off.
To start off with, you'll need to micromanage the pool a bit. You'll need to create a rule for the folders that you want duplicated (or use "\* " for the entire pool).
In this rule, select ONLY the CloudDrive disk.  
Hit "Ok".
You may want to disable the automatic balancing, or at least disable the "Allow balancing plug-ins to force immediate balancing" option. This should help reign in the balancing, so that it's not always attempting to do so. 
We do plan to add a  "duplication grouping" option to handle this entire process natively, specifically for better synergy/integration between StableBit CloudDrive and StableBit DrivePool. 
However, we don't have an ETA on that, as it may be very complicated to implement.


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