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HDD failure!




I've been using Drivepool + Scanner little over a year now.

I've 3 drives in the pool, mainly mkv files that are accessed through the local network to max 2 people. not heavy load.


I've scanner set to almost default values. I have not been restarting my computer for the past few months. well maybe once or twice for crucial updates...


so in the end, yesterday at 2am in the morning, I woke up to my hard disk making awesome noises! sounds like a head or power issue from what I can tell. head goes back and forth..


what I cannot tell is the fact that I do not have any record of any issues through SMART or Scanner..granted I've not been checking too much based on the fact that upon critical issue, Scanner would throw a message at me, but wtf!


So I started checking the logs and I've not seen any failed event even when Seagate Barracuda 3TB hard disk was down on its knees. 

All I have is  

Succeeded: AtaPassThrough


[DiskCheckInfo] Getting ranges to check on \\.\PHYSICALDRIVE4 (RecheckInterval=30.00:00:00


I'm mad! Don't know what or who to blame. I've disconnected all drives connected to the pool just for the hell of it, until I resolve it.. 


How do I read the ErrorReport_2015_05_28-01_27_17.2.saencryptedreport files?



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The service logs are where you'll see information about the drives.

The Error Reports are created when there are specific issues in our code (crashes/bugs), and are created for diagnostic purposes (they point out specific areas in our code that the issue occurred, so useless without the code).



As for the failed drive, I'm very sorry to hear about that. 

However, if you had notifications setup and StableBit Scanner didn't notify you, it's possible that the issue was sudden and unexpected.  This sounds like what is going on here, unfortunately. 

Alternatively, it could be defective controller (the circuit board on the drive), that gave out and caused the issues. 


In either case, if that is what happened, this would not give you a warning that it was going to happen before hand.




One thing to check is the Event Viewer, in the "System" section for any "disk", "controller", or "ntfs" errors. If you're seeing a lot of these before the drive failed (as in, more than a day or so), then it sounds like StableBit Scanner didn't detect and report the issues. However, if you only see these errors right before or WHEN the drives stopped working, then this was definitely a sudden and unexpected failure.

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