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StableBit Scanner Known Issues and Limitations

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Due to how StableBit Scanner current works, there are some known limitations.


Stable Release:

Public Beta Release:


  • SMART data from RAID Arrays. Because most controllers hide the contents of the RAID array, we're not able to access information about them from inside the OS. There are ways to access the data about the drives, but this usually requires implementing 3rd party code, or by accessing data through the controller's management software (such as HighPoint's Web Management software). 
    We are looking into implementing this feature in the future, but there is no ETA.
  • SMART Data from Storage Spaces array. Because of the low level implementation of Storage Spaces, the disks in the array are hidden from access normally.  This makes getting information about the disk (including SMART data) significantly more difficult. 
    We are looking into implementing this feature in the future, but there is no ETA.
  • Repairing Damaged Sectors. Right now, we only identify and flag damage (unreadable) sectors on disks. Repair is up to the disk or the user to manually repair these issues. 
  • Temperature or Max Temperature shows a 0C, Disk capacity is mis-reported, or  Drive Reports significantly number of unreadable sectors (Especially newer USB drives) This is a known issue with the way that the drive is reporting disk information, up to and including sector sizes.  This has been resolved in the latest internal beta build (
  • Dynamic Disks are not reported properly. Due to the added complexity of how dynamic disk operate, they were not being shown properly in the disk lists. This has been resolved in the latest public beta build (
  • Disk List issues with a lot of disks. Fixed in internal beta build ( and up)
  • Pushover notifications fail. This is due to an API change.  Fixed in latest internal betas (
  • File system repair fails This is a known issue, and has been fixed in the Public beta (
  • File system comes back as unhealthy, consistently. 
    • ?If you are running Windows 8 or up, this may be an issue with the command  you use. Please run "chkdsk x: /f" to verify. Adding the "/scan" command actually misses a number of issues as it skips a number of checks. The main one is MFT corruption.   
      Stablebit Scanner is not misreporting info, but CHKDSK isn't checking everything. 
    • If there is no corruption (verified by CHKDSK) and you're seeing this come back constantly (and it disappears on a recheck), there is a known issue where the data comes back incorrectly.  It's on the "to do list" to fix.
  • Disk list is empty over Remote Desktop Connection. This is an issue with the 3rd party controls that we use for StableBit Scanner.  This is been fixed in the Public Beta version (
  • Non-NTFS file system (ReFS) Support. This is a newer file system, and not currently supported.  While surface scans will occur, we have no way to identify files or recover them.  This means that we need to reverse engineer the file system and build a custom ReFS parser (much like we did for NTFS).  The same would need to be done for exFAT and other file systems. However, we will probably only target NTFS and ReFS, as these are the primary file systems in use.
  • No WSSX (Windows Server Essentials) installer exists. Starting with, we have stopped producing the WSSX (WHS/WSE) installer.  Now, the EXE installer will install both the stand alone UI and the dashboard tab, so the EXE should be used for all installations.  
    • This allows for more unified changes, and installation.  And it allows for both the dashboard and stand alone UI to be used. 

This list is by no means comprehensive, and it's contents may change as these issues are investigated. 


Internal Beta builds can be found here:
The latest, safe build is
General Windows:
Don't download the latest build unless it's been checked out or you've been instructed to. 
If it's not a build numbered in the change log, then it's an interim development build and may not be stable. 
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