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Unduplicated files all moved to newly inserted drive during balancing



I'm running Drivepool on Windows 11 Pro.  I just inserted a new drive into my pool today, with 4 other existing drives.  

After insertion, balancing began and all of the other drives basically zeroed out their unduplicated files and have them set to move to the new drive.  I didn't make much note of it, but this kind of happened with the last new drive I inserted.  It had most of the of unduplicated files after balancing when it was inserted.  Now this drive, with most of the unduplicated files is set to move all of its un-dup files to the new drive.

I don't have any balancing settings that would put all of the unduplicated files on 1 drive. Disk space equalizer is set to percentage based and both equalize for un-dup and dup are checked. Drive usage limiter has dup and un-dup checked for all drives.

On another Windows 11 machine my Drivepool there is fine.  Unduplicated files are split in a move even way between the 3 drives in that pool, and the last time I added a new drive it balanced in a more equal way and when I removed that drive the un-dup/dup files rebalanced pretty equally.

The un-duplicated files are not a few large files, they are many smaller files from client backups, so they should be easy to spread equally across the drives.

Any pointers on what I may be doing wrong or any advice or any known issues?


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On 5/19/2023 at 7:02 PM, Christopher (Drashna) said:

if you have "unusable for duplication" space on the pool, the "duplication space optimizer" balancer will rebalance data so that it eliminates this.   That sounds like it may be what is happening here? 

How can I tell if any disk has "unusable for duplication" space?  I'm not seeing anything that says this is the case.  Also, the "duplication space optimizer" doesn't have any settings for me, it just says "No settings" when I click on it.  Should I be able to adjust something here?

Thank you.

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