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Scanner scanning very slowly



About two months ago, I went through an overhaul of my system. I maxed out my 36-bay chassis, moved some drives around between pools, and updated the Scanner software—something I'd been neglecting for the past year. My scanning speeds are very slow now. My HDs are capable of 100MB+ and previously that used to be their performance during a scan. Now, when they're scanning, the performance is at 10-40MB... usually around 30MB/s. With 8-14TB drives, this has resulted in extremely long scan times.

The drives aren't overheated and I don't any other activity on the drives at the time aside from scanning. Any thoughts on what's limiting my scan speeds?

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StableBit Scanner throttles the scans when there is activety, so that it does not intefere with normal usage.  That may be why you're seeing the reduced load. 

Also, it only scans one drive per controller, by default.  So this may prevent it from scanning very many drives.  

Both of these settings can be be configured in the settings.  The throttling settings are in the Scanner settings, but the concurrency limit is in the advanced settings. 


As for the crashes, depending on the specifics, these may be harmless.  Otherwise, head to https://stablebit.com/contact/

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