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Would this work for file placement and balancer?



First off, I love this product. It has served me SOOO well. Kudos to the developers!

Now on the question. Simple example is I have 3 drives. I want maybe all my movies on Drive 1, and all my TV Shows on Drive 2, and I want 2x redundancy. It's too much information to double up on ONLY drives 1 and 2, hence the third drive.

If I were to use file placement rule of Movies on drive 1 ONLY (unchecking the other drives), and TV Shows on drive 2 only (same, uncheck other drives), and then use 2x redundancy and a balancer to balance to equal space, would that mean that drive 1 would have all movie folders intact if I ever needed to browse JUST that one disk? And would it cause the duplicates to be spread over the other two drives (which is what I would want)?

Am I flawed in my thinking here?


I'm hoping to rip my new blurays, and know that all the media will be stored on disk 1. The simple reason is that if disk 1 goes bad and needs to be rebuilt, I know EXACTLY what information is lost. If disk 2 goes down I know EXACTLY what information is lost. If disk 3 goes down, I know it's definitely only redundancies that are lost. Instead of guessing that maybe some posters for this or that movie was lost, or maybe some movies, but not others.

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