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Does folder duplication respect file placement rules?



I'm trying to sort through my data and migrate several TB of important data to a new drive.

I'm planning to move the data over then use the file placement rules to move new files there when added.

As the data is important I'd like to duplicate the folders.

Does folder duplication respect file placement rules, or is that just for the original files?

Personally I'm happy for the duplicates to be allocated to other drives, but would like originals to be kept strictly on the new drive.

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Drivepool works in a way that doesn't keep an "original" and a "copy" - a duplicated file simply exists on multiple drives.

Folder duplication has priority over file placement where they conflict - for example, if a folder should have 3x duplication but file placement is restricted to 2 drives, it will place 2 duplicates in those drives and another duplicate somewhere else - and will warn you with a banner in the File Placement tab that it was unable to fully comply with your placement rules.

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