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Is it possible to control read priority?



While DrivePool has lots of options to control file placement, i.e. writes (using SSD Optimizer, for example), I did not find corresponding features to control reads - beyond the striping option that one can enable.

I use DrivePool on two of my systems to establish redundancy, i.e. I use it to mirror data only. At the moment, all my drives are approximately equally slow, but if I was to replace one of my pooled drives with an SSD, would it be possible to ensure that reads are performed primarily (or even exclusively) using the fastest drive?


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I don't think using read striping will result in optimal behaviour, because

  • both a slow hard drive and a fast SSD would be in the same priority category ("Standard drive"), and therefore DrivePool would apply read striping across the two drives
  • the slow drive could be the one with "the least outstanding requests" yet it could still be slower to use the drive for a new incoming request.

Would you consider adding a feature that allows the user to control that mirrored files should always be read from the highest-priority drive, with priority being specified by the user?
This would be a great addition for mirroring pools that use mixed drive types.

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