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Only use a drive if necessary balancing?



Is there a way to, say, add my C drive to the pool and have it not store anything on it unless other drives become 90% full? The Drive Usage Limiter is a little sparse on documentation of what the options do. If full pool duplication is on, doesn't unchecking unduplicated files do nothing since everything will be duplicated? Also, if both unduplicated and duplicated are unchecked, will it never place files on that drive no matter what?

Furthermore, why is there another slider that says don't fill disk space above 90% here when this is also in the Prevent Drive Overfill balancer?



I tried to simulate drive errors in Scanner to see if it would react the way I wanted it to, where if a drive is failing, it evacs the drive to the unused C drive. It, well, didn't.




Balancer Settings:






Moving Scanner's priority below Drive Usage Limiter didn't try to balance anything onto the C drive either. Didn't get screenshots of that, but it was still trying to keep files on the failing drives while the C drive went unused with no target for rebalancing. Odd behavior.

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