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Option to hide drives in explorer in drive pool.



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You can easily hide the DrivePool drives from File Explorer by simply going into Disk Management and removing the Drive letter of that/those drives. DrivePool does not need a drive letter for the HDDs in the pool. I have 23 USB HDDs, without Drive letters, in my DrivePool, but the only thing showing in File Explore is the combined DrivePool volume letter.

BONUS IDEA: Instead of assigning Drive letters to your DrivePool drives, you can mount them in a folder on your C: drive. You can still access each and every drive mounted in DrivePool that way in the mount folder and see what it contains, but you won't be clogging up File Explorer with a bunch of drives in the main list.

BONUS BONUS IDEA: If you use a disk cataloging program to organize your files and/or conduct searches, the cataloging program will read and catalog each drive mounted in the special folder. That way, if you had a HDD fail in your DrivePool, you can easily go into your cataloging program and find out what was on that specific drive. For my DrivePool home media server without Duplication, it would allow me to see what files were lost on that drive and if I want to reload them from a backup disk in my storage closet.

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