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DrivePool does not detect any Volumes/partitions newly created post-installation




DrivePool Version

Windows 10 (64- bit)

Using trial license

Using Basic Disks and Simple Volumes

I'm not using Storage Spaces. Just using DrivePool to pool drives together.



When I first installed StableBit DrivePool, I was able to see all my non-pooled volumes in the GUI. DrivePool was able to see all my volumes. However, I decided to create new volumes on afterwards. And DrivePool can't detect any newly created volumes for some reason.



I tried creating new volumes on 3 different physical drives.

I tried resetting DrivePool settings.

I tried uninstalling, rebooting, and re-installing DrivePool.

I tried deleting the newly formatted volume and recreating it. When I recreated it, I get this in service logs:

0:42:52.3: Information: 0 : [Disks] Got Volume_Arrive (volume ID: REDACTED, plex ID: 00000000-0000-0000-0000-000000000000, %: 0)...
0:42:53.4: Information: 0 : [Disks] Got MountPoint_Change (volume ID: REDACTED)...
0:42:54.4: Information: 0 : [Disks] Updating disks / volumes...


None of these methods worked. Could you help out with this?

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I think I understand what you are doing. You are partioning an HDD into 2 or more volumes and DrivePool does not recognize the new partitions.

From what I understand, and I could be wrong here, DrivePool reads the serial number (not the Drive letter) of the HDD and adds a hidden PoolPart folder to that drive. Problem is, if you add additional partitions to that drive, it still only has 1 serial number for that HDD. I ran into this issue thinking I could partition a SSD into 2 volumes and have 2 frontend caches for Duplication files. But no, it will not work that way because DrivePool only allows one hidden PoolPart folder per physical disk.


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