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How to get rid of a missing disk warning after the disk is gone





My WHS2011 had a drive going bad (I run both DrivePool and Scanner). I removed duplication until I had enough room to follow the "remove" drive instructions. I think I completed the instructions successfully. I replaced the drive with a new drive of the same size, added it to the pool, then reinstated selective folder duplication as I wished. The WHS server seems fine.


I installed the suspect drive onto my Win7 system (which also has DrivePool on it). WD diagnostic software confirmed a failing drive. I RMA'd it off after writing zero's to it. 


Symptom 1:


On the Win 7 PC: Every time I restart the Win7 PC I get a missing drive warning like this:


* WDC WD30EFRX-68AX9N0 (S/N: WD-whatever) 28C - 0B (Pool: ?)


Every time it reboots. When I open the DrivePool app this drive does not show up. I don't want to turn off real email warnings but I don't see how to get rid of this phantom warning.


Symptom 2:


On the WHS2011 server the failing drive warnings never cleared out. I still have two like this


* WHS11 1/17/2015 Sector unreadable on disk

* WHS11 1/18/2015 A disk is suspect


I have the warnings set to be ignored, but any advice on how to get rid of them?

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This issue should be fixed in the latest beta builds.

Specifically, it is an issue with the metadata and it not getting cleaned up properly. 






If you don't wish to install the beta versions, then you can reset the settings on them, and this will also fix the issue (though you'll have to re-setup everything).



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Let me double-check this. Does "reset the settings on them" mean click "Reset all settings..." in Drive Pool under Troubleshooting?

What would I then need to re-setup? Folder duplication, balancer settings, order, etc., that sort of thing?

Any way to export the settings to a config file first? Or import them again later? Or should I make screen shots first?

What happens to duplicated files if I forget and set the duplication settings wrong (different) after the reset?


I might try that on the Win 7 box but I am not anxious to mess with the WHS box until the "real" update is issued.

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Yes, exactly.


As for what you need to resetup... well, the pool, the license, and the duplication information will remain intact. That's it.

Balancing options will be reset, performance options will be reset, file placement rules will be reset. Any information about existing/old pools will be wiped. 


Duplication will be checked though (we store the settings on the pool itself, so it's always present).

As for the other settings, no, we don't have an export option yet. 

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