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Drivepool Not refreshing info on disk add



I have just installed Drivepool add-in on WHS2011.


When I create a new pool by adding a disk (using the dashboard) the pool gets created.

I then go to add another disk and after it says it has added it - however the disk remains listed under "Not in pool".

I then go to add it again and it says (correctly) "Cannot addd the same disk to the pool twice".


When I click on the Stablebit Drivepool tab it shows a pool of 3.64TB with 3.64TB free.

I click on Add/Remove disks and the "In pool" list shows 1 disk with a capacity of 1.82TB (Pool: 1.82 TB)


I have done screen captures to illustrate the point: post-315-0-83657600-1374327878_thumb.png and post-315-0-52870200-1374327879_thumb.png


Stopping and starting the dashboard makes no difference.


However, restarting the server then corrects the error: post-315-0-00117500-1374328418_thumb.png


Subsequent adds all work OK and the "Drives participating in the pool" list gets correctly updated.


So all is now working correctly but thought it worth mentioning as it was somewhat confusing to start with ;)

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Just wanted to add that I am seeing the same behavior with a new install of WHS 2011 and Drive Pool


Outside of the "Pool" tab SB seems to be reporting the correct pool size after adding all 5 of my drives. Inside the Pool tab it is indicating that only 1 drive has been added and that the pool is only the size of that drive. The other 4 drives are showing as "Not In Pool"


After reboot drives are shown correctly as "In Pool"

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