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Found 3 results

  1. Hey all- I am now using the 1287 beta with almost no issues. I recently had to move my installatio between machines. I have 5 drives working on the new machine but the 6th is problematic. Drive was mounted on the old machine and working fine. I detached the drive successfully on the old machine and then attempted to mount on the new machine. New PC then reported that drive was still attached to old machine. So I went back to the old machine and attempted to mount and detach one more time. Now on the old machine when attempting to attach I am getting the mesage "The drive was forced to unmount beacuase it couldnt read data from the provider". It seems that I unable to mount in either locations for different reasons. Hope there is some solution. Thanks, Heywood
  2. Hi all, So I've been using Stablebit Clouddrive for Plex for a couple of months now. I have an unlimited google drive and my media database is now almost at 5.5 TB. Overall my experiences have been good. I have multiple plex users and we've been able to stream with 5 people at the same time (more my server won't allow, it's not thát powerful), where all the media files come from the cloud using Clouddrive. My problems begin at night with the acquisition of new media. Since my server is most used during the day I've set it to acquire new media from 24.00 hours to 6.00 hours. This is usually more than enough time with my internet connection of 300 mbit. All acquisition is automated: users can request whatever they want, server acquires it during the night, stablebit puts it in the cloud and Plex can access it. Sounds kinda great right? Here's the problem. Every night when a lot of new media is being acquired, stablebit clouddrive unmounts my drive. If it's not that much it'll be OK but a lot of data seems to crash it. I usually get errors like 'cloud drive is having trouble downloading data from google drive'. This in itself is weird at that time, since no media is being accessed and there's supposed to be only uploading of new media. Still, to fix it, I've set a speedlimit on media acquisition so enough bandwidth is left for cloud drive to download from google drive. Unfortunately to no avail. The biggest issue here is not the unmounting itself. Yeah it's annoying to retry mounting every morning (by hand), but it remounts without problems. The problem is in my movie files. After unmounting almost all files will be said to have no audio by Plex (???!), it doesn't matter if it's new or if I've just been watching the night before. After remounting they seem to have lost their audio. This is weird, but it becomes even weirder. I've found out (don't ask me how) that moving the folders seems to fix it. my structure is as follows: (G:\)-> movies -> movies-> 'individual folders for each movie'. After remounting I move all individual movie folders out of the movie folder directly to (G:\). Then I tell plex to rescan my library, all movies disappear (like they are supposed to). After the scan is completed I move all the individual movie folders back to their original location (G:\)->movies->movies. Now I tell Plex to scan the library again, plex sees all movies as recently added (annoying..) but now all the files have audio again?!?! So the good thing is: my movies all work again. The bad: A shitload of manual work (where everything is supposed to be automated), new movies won't be registered as new anymore since áll movies are new now. Does anyone have an idea how I might be able to fix this?
  3. I uploaded the wrong folder to my drive, so I went ahead and deleted it but CloudDrive was still busy uploading all the remaining files (~18GB) I copied over. Is there any way to cancel this, by deleting the upload cache for example? When detaching the drive it gives the error that I'm busy uploading so that isn't really an option. Thanks in advance
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