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Found 5 results

  1. Hello! I just purchased all three products for my Windows-based NVR (cameras). Looks great! I have been using 2x 4 TB hard drives (data originally resided here). Recently I purchased a 12 TB hard drive. I added all three drives to a drive pool. I then used robocopy to copy the data from the 4 TB drives into the drive pool. The files are now copied, so I'd now like to to erase the 2x 4 TB hard drives so they can be fully utilized in the drive pool. Should I just delete the folders and remove the drive letters? If I format the drive, will it erase any hidden areas of the drive that DrivePool depends on? Does DrivePool use areas of the drive that we can't "see" without DrivePool? I don't see separate partitions so I'm assuming this is the case. I just didn't want to erase something if it would mess up DrivePool. Thank you! Loving the software!
  2. Hey guys, I'm currently trying add/replace another drive to my as my current drives are 3-4 years old and getting to the point of potential failure, despite Stablebit Scanner saying nothing. (Just me being paranoid and thinking ahead). Now, I've added, and removed drives before without any issues but what are the best practices for drive failure to get everything back and running. Current pool is 1x 4TB 1x 3TB 2x 2TB All at 2x Duplication, so 3.83TB left free of 10TB Pool. Anything I should do/tweak ahead of time? Also, I know y'all are working on getting CloudDrive up and running, but do you know when the next stable release for DrivePool is going to be? It seems I've been running on forever but I'd rather not roll my dice with the Betas. Thanks!
  3. I have searched for this and found it to be a problem, but I am not able to find some help for what is going on with my situation. I have 4 drives (2, 2TB, 2, 4TB), on WHS 2011 using drivepool ver, all the drives are using around 70% capacity (average) The only thing wrong with the drive is a head parking count, but scanner or home server smart is not projecting any failure. I tagged one of the 2TB drives for removal and it is not showing any progress at all after 20 hours. if I go into "drives" it shows that is has a remaining capacity of 700GB, in "removing" status and this has been like that the entire time. I have found that I can tell the pool not to use the drive in advanced settings, but now I have to stop the removal process to do that. I need some help here... What should I do? Should I stop the process and then tell the pool not to use the drive? (I don't know how to stop the removal process) I just don't think it's actually working because it's not showing any progress and the drives are not getting any warmer indicating they are working hard. Please help, thank you
  4. I'm trying to remove a drive. I have 18TB with 5TB free and trying to remove a 3TB drive. I just added a new 3TB drive, so theoretically it could just copy files to the new drive and be done. Removing appeared to do absolutely nothing, thought it seemed to work fine when I tested Drive Pool in my VM's. I found much better results by using the Drive Usage Limited plugin and disabling the drive I wanted to remove. After rebalancing, the drive is empty except for a couple GB. Drive Pool reports no unduplicated files on the drive, so I know I could just pull it and let it rebuild later. Is there an issue with removing, or something I should know prior to removing? Rebalancing seems to be significantly slower than straight disk access too, but I figure that has to do with running the balancing rules and background priority. I don't mind mind the "maintenance" tasks being slow within the pool, as my speed to access the pool is still fine. At least i can see rebalancing working. I haven't seen the 2GB of duplicated files changed in the last couple hours of removal. I will let it run overnight and see what happens in the morning.
  5. I'm replacing a single drive in my pool with a larger one. The drive currently contains duplicated data only, as it was showing some errors. I'm curious, for this use case, is there a difference between these options? Option 1 Click Remove to remove the drive from the pool Wait until that finishes Physically remove the disk Option 2 Under Balancers->Drive Usage Limiter, uncheck both Duplicated and Unduplicated Optionally wait until that finishes Click Remove to remove the drive from the pool Wait until that finishes Physically remove the disk
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