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Found 9 results

  1. Hello together, I just optimized my Drivepool a bit and set a 128 GB SSD as write cache. I had another SSD with 1GB I had left I put into the pool and set drivepool to write only folders on it which I use most and should be fast available. This folders have also a duplication (the other Archive drives are HDDs). I'm not sure if this is working or the SSD is useless for more speed. How is drivepool working: - does drivepool read both the original und the duplicated folders if I use them from the Client? - will drive pool recognize which drive is faster and read from this first? best regards and thanks for your answers
  2. Hi, Not sure exactly what's happening, but I am currently experiencing a very problematic issue with CloudDrive. For the context, I have 5 mapped CloudDrive, averaging about 2TB each, used only for backup purposes. They are all connected to my G-Suite unlimited account. My cache drive is my C drive (500GB SSD), which without its cache usage, is a little less than half full, so about 280GB free for the CloudDrive cache. For a reason that I do not understand, CloudDrive fills my C drive with cache, even when I am not transferring anything (no upload, but no download as well). Since a couple of days/weeks (sorry, hard to tell), I constantly get messages from Windows telling me that my C drive is full. Not near full, but really full, as in 0 bytes left. So I need to shutdown everything, restart the computer and voila, all data is now free again, 280GB of free HD space. I also tried to shutdown my Stablebit services, and as soon as I do, the free space is back. I did see a topic on the forum about some sort of caching issue, but to be honest, it was a little too technical for me and I could not understand if it was the same issue or not. If this is related and has no possible resolution, then I have bought Stablebit for nothing since I cannot continue using a software that fills up my C drive on a daily basis. Hopefully, it's not. The only culprit I can think of is that my Plex Server is currently connected to one of these CloudDrive, so scans might be happening on that data. That is the only usage I can think of. I will try to see if I can disable scans on that one specific library connected to my CloudDrive, and see if it happens again. Does this make sense? Could a scan of a large drive with tons of files be enough to jam a Cloudrive cache? Currently using the latest CloudDrive build on a Win7 Enterprise PC. Thanks for any help or suggestions.
  3. In the advanced settings of Plex Media Server for transcoder, setting the Transcoder temporary directory to a folder in a DrivePool causes Plex to show an error on playback. I wanted to check if anyone else has that behaviour, if so, maybe include that in the limitations. Also, perhaps a general guideline would be to put "cache" folders outside of Drivepool? ____________________________ EDIT: It looks like it works, the problem were due to some other error that caused the DrivePool to go in read-only mode (which a reboot fixed).
  4. Hi, I'm kind of new to CloudDrive but have been using DrivePool and Scanner for a long while and never had any issues at all with it. I recently set up CloudDrive to act as a backup to my DrivePool (I dont even care to access it locally really). I have a fast internet connection (Google Fiber Gigabit), so my uploads to Google Drive hover around 200 Mbps and was able to successfully upload about 900GB so far. However my cache drive is getting maxed out. I read that the cache limit is dynamic, but how can I resolve this as I dont want CloudDrive taking up all but 5 GB of this drive. If I understand correctly all this cached data is basically data that is waiting to be uploaded? Any help would me greatly appreciated! My DrivePool Settings: My CloudDrive Errors: The cache size was set as Expandable by default, but when I try to change it, it is grayed out. The bar at the bottom just says "Working..." and is yellow.
  5. I have a storage provider that was recently disconnected and I can no longer authenticate with it. I have a pretty large cache, and I hope to restore the cache. I still have the decryption codes. Can someone walk me through the process of decrypting the files that are stored locally in the cache? Thanks!
  6. I uploaded the wrong folder to my drive, so I went ahead and deleted it but CloudDrive was still busy uploading all the remaining files (~18GB) I copied over. Is there any way to cancel this, by deleting the upload cache for example? When detaching the drive it gives the error that I'm busy uploading so that isn't really an option. Thanks in advance
  7. jennec

    Cached Content View

    Is it possible to view what is in the local cache? I am trying to test functionality and I would like to see how well CloudDrive handles pulling data down on request, but without knowing what is already in the cache I am uncertain of the results. Is there a way to view what is already in the local Cache (File Names, folders etc)?
  8. I have reviewed the features and I read about the cache that keeps "your most frequently used data cached locally", which is great! However, in my use case, in addition to the current "adaptive cache", I'm hoping to be able to also select specific folders that will always be cached locally (even if I rarely access files within those folders). Any suggestions? Thanks!
  9. When I setup my drive, I wanted to use a Striped SSD Dynamic disk as the cache drive, however in the dropdown the stripe drive was not listed. Any idea why it's not there and how I can get it to be listed? Thanks. Great product so far. Looking forward to Google Drive!
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