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  1. My setup is: 30TB via single google drive cloud drive. That's broken up into two 15TB NTFS partitions, using 7TB on one and 4TB on the other. Everything was working fine... but about a week or so ago i started to get thousands of errors: "The requested mime type change is forbidden". This occurs when uploading. I have about 40GB sitting in my 'To Upload' and it hasn't moved in a week, even though the upload rate has been over 100mbps, practically constantly. Any ideas what this error is and how to fix. I think I have tried everything I can on my end, reauth, etc... Thanks.
  2. My speeds on google drive, over a gigabit AT&T line, are about 200mbps upload and 100-150 download, when streaming video. 40mb chunks. It will go up to the 20 max, but speeds usually don't improve over 5 connections.
  3. I have Stablebit Cloud connected to google drive and have 30 TB mapped to two 15 TB partitions of the same drive. One is working normally, but the other will not mount / comes back as raw or damaged. It happened after a normal soft reboot. Since then, stable bit has been reading and writing constantly. It only uses one connection per direction, not the full 20. When I check resource monitor, nothing is accessing the good drive. Any advise on how I can recover the bad drive? Thanks. Update: Did an old fashion chkdsk /f on the drive and that fixed it. Maybe I shouldn't be, but I'm nervous about corruption. Is there anyway to do a verification test?
  4. Jonathan

    File System Types

    I noticed I can format the cloud drive as a ReFS in Win 2k12, but should I, or should I stick with NTFS? Does it make a difference to the performance of cloud drive? Thanks.
  5. This provider is acting pretty good... I am getting some authorization errors every once in awhile. They don't stop the transfer, just sit there. I'll reauthorize because it's the only way to get rid of the message, but reauthorizing isn't necessary. I am getting lots of I/O errors, but I've upped the performance, so maybe that's to be expected. After some trial and error, I'm using these performance settings (google probably hates me) Upload/Download Connection: 200 each Maintenance Threads: 300 Only uploading right now... always getting over 100Mbps, usually over 200Mbps, sometimes over 300Mbps. All in all, very good.
  6. That's related to DrivePool product, my problem is with CloudDrive.
  7. When I setup my drive, I wanted to use a Striped SSD Dynamic disk as the cache drive, however in the dropdown the stripe drive was not listed. Any idea why it's not there and how I can get it to be listed? Thanks. Great product so far. Looking forward to Google Drive!
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