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  1. In the advanced settings of Plex Media Server for transcoder, setting the Transcoder temporary directory to a folder in a DrivePool causes Plex to show an error on playback. I wanted to check if anyone else has that behaviour, if so, maybe include that in the limitations. Also, perhaps a general guideline would be to put "cache" folders outside of Drivepool? ____________________________ EDIT: It looks like it works, the problem were due to some other error that caused the DrivePool to go in read-only mode (which a reboot fixed).
  2. Yes, on the "wallet" data! The blockchain is hundreds of GB and is already replicated by its nature. Thanks for the prompt response.
  3. Is blockchain data OK to be stored on DrivePool? As opposed to directly on the hard disk (metal). Examples: Bitcoin Core Bitcoin Armory Ethereum Mist
  4. Just to set expectations, is it technically feasible for Amazon Drive and Google Drive? Dropbox has been ruled out as you said.
  5. Thanks, looking forward to see it. Compared to ODrive and Boxcryptor, StableBit CloudDrive is the only one with good anonymity, it has filename and file size obfuscation, just missing that folder name!
  6. Any thoughts or plans on changing the product name to differentiate from ACD? (Amazon Cloud Drive) It would make looking for product information much easier on the web....
  7. Hi, StableBit CloudDrive looks like a great product. Is there a setting I cannot find or that is undocumented to have my StableBit CloudDrive use a specific subfolder within my cloud storage?
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