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Found 4 results

  1. Hi, I am looking for at solution to encrypt my storage drives that I am using for drivepool. How is the easiest way to do this? I have read this forum through over and over again, but I cannot seem to find a newer guide to how to setup bitlocker (I would rather use something like disktryptor instead but if bitlocker is the only encryption software supported, I can live with that). Does anyone know how to encrypt the disks I'm using for my drivepool storage? I don't have a TPM-module so I'll need to use a USB drive. Also, I am not going to encrypt my system drive, so how do I manually start drivepool (I don't have a problem manually activate things at each startup as my server is seldom restarted). Any help would be much appreciated! /MaxIImus
  2. bit confused about the advice on how to use drivepool with bitlocker. The advice is to set BitLocker_PoolPartUnlockDetect to TRUE and then rename the DrivePool.Service.exe.default.config file to DrivePool.Service.exe.config. Why is this? is the default file not actually used? Also what does this setting actually do? thanks.
  3. I'm going to do some research on my own, but I figured I'd shotgun my request to the community as well. I have 24 3-4tb drives Pool'd together into a whopping 70tb directory that houses all my music, media, documents, computer backups, etc. I'm interested in encrypting these files but still want to be able to stream them throughout the home to the rest of my PCs. I don't need to stream them to mobile devices outside my intranet (yet). I've never used encryption. My fear is that, assuming I don't change my habits, I will break and rebuild this pool twice a year. I've already encountered the pain in the butt problem with security permissions everytime I reload the OS and add the pool. I don't want to enable encryption to find out that I've shot myself in the foot and locked all my files from myself forever and ever and ever. So...anyone with experience, please let me know how Bitlocker works? Does it, in effect, password protect each file that can be unlocked on the fly by another PC that has the key?
  4. Hi, In the Scanner features it outlines file recovery: File RecoveryOnce a damaged file is identified by the file system aware scan, you can attempt recovery of that file. * File recovery supports uncompressed and unencrypted NTFS files. Partial file recovery works by reassembling what's left of the file to a known good location on another disk. An optional, full file recovery step is attempted by reading each unreadable sector multiple times, while sending the drive head through a pre-programmed set of head motion profiles. This has the effect of varying the direction and the velocity of the drive's head right before reading the unreadable sector, increasing the chance of one last successful read. * File recovery is not guaranteed by any means, but stands a good chance of at least partially recovering a damaged file. My DrivePool disks are encrypted with Bitlocker then added to the Pool. Is the implied behavior of File recovery not support repairs on Bitlocker volumes? 2. Is there any form of checksumming done by the scanner or the DrivePool soft? Basically a "poor mans" next gen file system feature? 3. (How) Does DrivePool and Scanner protect against so called "bit rot" or a flipped bit, especially when duplication is enabled (in theory that would allow a copy from known good copy, based on say checksum)? thank you, ~v
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