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  1. bit confused about the advice on how to use drivepool with bitlocker. The advice is to set BitLocker_PoolPartUnlockDetect to TRUE and then rename the DrivePool.Service.exe.default.config file to DrivePool.Service.exe.config. Why is this? is the default file not actually used? Also what does this setting actually do? thanks.
  2. oops my bad, i didnt realise it was a a seperate download. Trying it now.
  3. looking at this again it seems that i can do what amounts to keeping folder splitting to a minimum if i setup my root folders on each disk first, then turn off balancing except the plugin that prevents disks becoming more than 90% full?
  4. thanks. From how i understand that works the file structure will be maintained until the first disk is full, from then on any changes will be on a different disk. What i was really wanting was to set up my file structure by placing the root folders on different drives and then drivepool filling those root folders in a structured way until there is no room left on that drive. This way the drives can mirror other drives to a greater extent. Im using drivpool as a backup. So i have 4 drives mirroring 3 main ones that are not part of the pool. I would hve like to keep the backup drives as close to a mirror of the main drives as a possible until they arent big enough and drivepool THEN spans the data amonst the rest of the pool.
  5. just wondered how drivepool works if i turn off automatic balancing. That way i can keep my folder structure across drives until a drive is near to full. But what happens at that point?. when a drive doesnt have enough space for the data that is being copied over and you have balancing turned off? does the copy fail or will drivepool then use another drive in the pool? tx.
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