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Found 5 results

  1. Hey, I've set up a small test with 3x physical drives in DrivePool, 1 SSD drive and 2 regular 4TB drives. I'd like to make a set up where these three drives can be filled up to their brim and any contents are duplicated only on a fourth drive: a CloudDrive. No regular writes nor reads should be done from the CloudDrive, it should only function as parity for the 3 drives. Am I better off making a separate CloudDrive and scheduling an rsync to mirror the DrivePool contents to CloudDrive, or can this be done with DrivePool (or DrivePools) + CloudDrive combo? I'm running latest beta for
  2. Sorry if this makes no sense just typing thoughts. I know this has been talked about before on more than one occasion but is it time to reanalyze the market and see how people feel about it. Drivepool + parity as an option I would pay for. That the savings on storage would be well worth it. What I think would be a huge upgrade or addin for stablebit is a parity option. The fact that you can have sub pools and direct data to certain drives/pools allows for so many configuration options. What I am thinking for my own situation is this, btw I have never lost data with Stablebit since it
  3. Hello everyone! I'm new here trying to do as much research as I can before purchase. I'm liking all the information I've seen on the main site,manual, and the forums/old forums. I think I've caught a little information off Reddit to push me here. I'm hoping for loads of information and maybe this will help MANY people in the long run on what to do. So first off on the topic string. I would like to use StableBit's products only. So in doing so I gathered some can's and can not's. That the Drivepool with Scanner are a pair made to secure any deal. But I'm
  4. Hi - I've read the FAQ and various other posts about using Flexraid with Drivepool. However, everything I've seen seems to be using Flexraid-F with snapshot raid. I've installed the trial version of this, but because of activity in my pool, it requires a few hours of updates every day. I'm wondering if it wouldn't be better to use the transparent RAID Flexraid product. I'm not terribly concerned about write performance. However there don't seem to be any posts about the combination of tRAID, drivepool and scanner. Has anyone put this in place and if so, are there any issues? Or is t
  5. The topic of adding RAID-style parity to DrivePool was raised several times on the old forum. I've posted this FAQ because (1) this is a new forum and (2) a new user asked about adding folder-level parity, which - to mangle a phrase - is the same fish but a different kettle. Since folks have varying levels of familiarity with parity I'm going to divide this post into three sections: (1) how parity works and the difference between parity and duplication, (2) the difference between drive-level and folder-level parity, (3) the TLDR conclusion for parity in DrivePool. I intend to update the post
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