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Found 4 results

  1. Ordered File Placement via SSD optimizer not working properly, files from the Wester Digital drive won't move out and for some reason Drivepool is filling the 2nd disk on the list first. ...but when I uncheck the option from SSD Optimizer, and use the separate plugin, it seems to function properly: disks are being filled in the correct order. But since I'm using the separate plugin, all fresh writes seem to be going to the Archive #1 instead of the buffer SSD. Here are my balancing settings: What have I setup wrong? This begun after removing one old 1TB drive
  2. Hi All, I am still evaluating this product and am very new to it so forgive me if I'm overlooking something simple. I, like many user out there, am attempting to use Drivepool and Snapraid, so I am not using any duplication. I have read the best approach to using both is to disable all balancing, and use the Ordered File Placement plugin to fill up one drive at a time. However, I also like to keep some of my stuff on specific drives and have setup file placement rules for those directories. Namely, I want TV Shows to be placed in Drive1 and Movies in Drive2 using the file placement rules,
  3. I'm building a new server, Running now 2 HP MicroServer N54L (Nice and small and low power usage) And want to switch to 1 more powerful. (I think 1 bigger server will be cheaper in usage then 2 small ones) The server holds all my music/movies/tv-shows and shares it between my 3-4 Kodi instances with a shared MySQL what also runs on the server. (2x WD RED 4TB, 5x 2TB Samsung HD204UI, 1x Seagate 250 GB 7200rpm, 1 x Samsung 830 SSD) The SSD drive I use for the OS (WSE2012R2). The 7200 rpm drive as work drive for torrents before move and UseNet RAR/PAR2 creation. At this moment I’m only using
  4. Hello and good Day to all! My Question Is -- What is the best way to keep my feeder array file free? I am using three Velociraptor "knock-off's" in RAID0 to speed up writes to my 64TB drive pool and I don't want ANY files stored on it (for obvious reasons) It looks like there are a couple of ways to accomplish this however I'm wondering which way would be the best? Thanks!!! ~rf
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