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  1. What gtaus has suggested is good advice. In my case I did remove one questionable drive from the system (which hadn't shown up much under S.M.A.R.T \ SB Scanner, but Windows eventlogs showed occasional failed writes on the drive). And there were some small improvements removing it from the system but the re-measure persisted and it was switching REFS->NTFS that fixed the performance issues.
  2. Not really no. Despite a lot of back and forth working with Drashna & Co. we never did get to the bottom of the issue. I even deleted the pool entirely, and recreated a fresh one (and move all the data back into the new pool folders). One of the drives (WD Black) did turn out to be failing and removing it from the system improved the measure times a tiny bit since that disk was performing slowly, but overall problem remained. What did help was when I converted the pool back to NTFS (one disk at a time, format & copy). I haven't looked lately, but I believe it still measures each b
  3. I definitely suggest configuring snapraid so it points to the drivepool folder with the GUID inside the config file so that it's much easier to restore. Snapraid doesn't have to be the root of the drive, it can be anywhere you like (as long as they are on different psychical drives). So instead of doing: data d1 z:\ data d2 y:\ data d3 x:\ You do: data d1 z:\drivepool.{guid}\ data d2 y:\drivepool.{guid}\ data d3 x:\drivepool.{guid}\ That way after a failure e.g d2 dies, you drop your new drive in, add it to the pool, get the new GUID from the new drive, and edit your snaprai
  4. I still have a support job open about this, and I wasn't yet able to fix it. I've just been keeping the reboots to as minimum as possible and doing them as I go to bed when the measuring will not impact me. It's still a massive pain and I'd love to get it sorted. What filesystem are you using out of curiosity? I'm in the process of re-evaluating some things and may end up change my setup a bit. Issue being as well that Microsoft have blocked being able to format a drive REFS without the enterprise or 'pro for workstations' license, which I have neither. As such it's actually pretty diffi
  5. Thanks Drashna, I've done as requested, the SR with attached logs and troubleshooter uploads (under suggested BETA version) should be in now.
  6. I've noticed every single time I reboot, the whole pool remeasures every disk, which takes ~3 hours to complete. During this time, the pool is borderline unusable. Launching a Steam game installed to the pool may take 5 minutes or more to launch, and then stutter for a few seconds every 5 seconds or so (completely I/O starved). Even video playback can stutter, it seems the pool just has no leftover I/O to serve requests over the measuring. I understand that measuring has a high impact, but it doesn't seem like it should be this bad. It seems like outside I/O should have priority over th
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