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  1. Just to add my experience to the list -- I had this issue pop up yesterday (though I was out of town for a week, and friends were complaining my Plex server wasn't working...) and came across this thread while looking for solutions. Running CHKDSK /F on the drive worked for me, then scanning with WinDirStat solved the issue of it taking a long time to open each folder for the first time (sounded like the same issue chrisde1982 was having). In case it's relevant, I also performed the 4 steps suggested by Drashna a few times before running CHKDSK. To add: I have both DrivePool and CloudDrive running, with DrivePool combining 2x 8 TB physical disks as a single 16 TB "LocalDrive" (X:\), which is then "pooled" with a 16 TB CloudDrive (Z:\) to create my main storage drive (D:\). Then I have folder duplication turned on, so (I think...) anything on D:\ gets written to one physical disk (X:\) and to the CloudDrive (Z:\). I noticed that the torrent files I had auto-downloaded with Sonarr were all stalling (hence my friends noticing my Plex server hadn't added new shows), and when I manually added one, it downloaded for about 10 seconds, then the speed fizzled to 0 b/s, and qbittorrent said it stalled. Then I noticed I couldn't write files or folders to my D:\ drive, and then realized that my Z:\ drive wasn't actually working correctly. A smart man probably would have figured it out more quickly, but I figured I'd post my process in case someone else googles a similar problem down the road. Thanks all! It's always nice when you're troubleshooting and you don't have this "relevant xkcd" experience:
  2. Thanks again! 5 hours later and I'm 4.0% done... Do I need to leave it alone until it finishes, or can I turn it off and/or pause the CloudDrive syncing, and have it resume later?
  3. That's that I was missing - thanks!! Just to be clear, you mean I should disable the "Drive Usage Limiter" under Manage Pool-->Balancing? I only ask because it seems to be enabled by default, and I'm not comfortable enough with the software to change away from default settings without clear instruction...
  4. Hey sorry to revive an old thread - I can post a new one if necessary, but I'm in a very similar situation to Red. I followed the above instructions, and how have pools as follows: A:\ = physical disk, 8 TB B:\ = physical disk, 8 TB D:\ = drive pool of A (physical) and B (physical), 16 TB (using manufacturers sizes for ease) Z:\ = could drive, 16 TB E:\ = drive pool of D (pool) and Z (cloud), 32 TB What I'm going for is a mirror of D on Z, accomplished by the E pool. I've already followed the steps with disabling the service and copying into the new pool folder, twice, such that: My files are nested in A and B as \PoolPart.xxx\PoolPart.yyy\files\ In D and Z as \PoolPart.zzz\files\ And show up in E as I would hope, E:\files\ What I can't figure out is the proper balancing to accomplish my goal of mirroring. I've tried setting Drive Usage Limiter as follows: D = [X] Duplicated (checked) - [ ] Unduplicated (unchecked) Z = [X] Duplicated (checked) - [ ] Unduplicated (unchecked) I have 8 TB of actual data in my D:\ pool (4 TB each on A and B). When I set the above balancing setting, it puts the "Un-duplicated target for rebalancing" at 4 TB per drive (i.e., 4 TB on physical disks, 4 TB in cloud): This seems like it means to delete 4 TB from my disks, and upload that 4 TB to the cloud? I want the full 8 TB to remain, and a complete copy (8 TB) uploaded to the cloud. When I also check "Unduplicated" on D, it thinks the optimal allocation is everything on D and nothing on Z: (The 65 GB is from my tests of manually copying files over.) Just to see what happened, I tried only "Unduplicated" on D, and only "Duplicated" on Z: I feel like what I want is for that damn yellow triangle to slide over to the right end on both drives (i.e., up to 16 TB (or 14.6) available on each, with a current target of 8 TB duplicated), which I would expect by checking only "Duplicated" for both D and Z. Any idea what I'm doing wrong here?
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