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  1. Just asked the same question...
  2. Dan

    Website Dead...

    What’s going on with the website? Is the company still in business?
  3. When doing an RDP or other remote session into a headless workstation the CloudDrive UI never renders right. The second a monitor or NULL HDMI adaptor is connected (firing up the GPU) the UI renders fine. Is this a known issue?
  4. I have thousands of files in my cloud drive and I know the local cache is a rolling size and the first casualty of a low cache is the pinned directories and metadata. However, flushing that cache makes loading these large directories a nightmare even on a fast connection. Is there a way to ALWAYS keep the pinned data to make indexing easier?
  5. Dan

    File Sharing

    That’s awesome, I wasn’t not sure how it would handle large requests off the network for a remote client and if that would defeat any advantages the cloud drive has.
  6. Dan

    File Sharing

    Is it possible (or even advised) that I can do windows SMB filing from my Cloud Drive? I ideally would like to have some files stored in my CloudDrive available to my Mac on the network but not sure if that is asking for trouble.
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