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  1. Lol, thanks for the confirmation on my diagnosis of "Odd". I haven't noticed any other problems in the last couple days, so I'll just change my path in Snapraid to the new directory and start backing it up. Just wanted to ensure that this wasn't a warning sign of a problem that anyone was familiar with. Thanks!
  2. Hello! I purchased the suite of software about 6mo ago and everything has been great! This last week however, I went to run my regular snapraid backup, and it couldn't find the expected path for one of the PoolPart folders that had always been present on that particular drive. The drive letter didn't change or anything. As you can see from the attached pic (the left side of the window shows current folder name, and the right shows what it's always been previously), I've got 14 drives in the pool, and all of them have the same PoolPart names they've always had, but if you look at Drive K:,
  3. Well I certainly wasn't expecting a response that quick. I certainly appreciate that! Interesting! I wasn't aware that there were plugins available outside of the defaults. Yes, I can see how that would at least put me in the ballpark and any splits sound like they should be between two disks if need be instead of striped across all my volumes. I think this will be as close as I need! Thank you for your time and have a good weekend!
  4. Hello, I just downloaded a trial of your app last night after getting snapraid setup. I'm trying to manage 46tb of data in millions of organized file/folders that will be housed across 24 drives. I added 3 of my light duty drives to a drivepool to demo your app. I really like the existing feature set/gui/functionality of what's there. However as I'm looking at long term archival of data for what is potentially many decades to come while managing an ever growing data set. The idea of intentionally/irreversibly scrambling my hierarchys seems extremely counter intuitive to what I'm goi
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