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  1. Hi, im trying to figure out if its possible to make a rule so that folders and all files in the subfolders are placed on the same Hard drive together instead of each file in a folder placed on random hard drives. Ie C:\ Folder 1 Folder 2 Folder A Folder B Folder 3 Folder C In the example above all the files in Folder A will be placed on the same HD(doesn't matter which but all together). Folder B files all on the same HD. etc etc Reason for this is if I have a HD failure instead of missing random files from random folders its a lot easier for me to say "ok Folder A is gone and needs to be restored"
  2. I just starting using Drivepool and so far I like it a lot and will more then likely purchase it when the trial is up. There is just one problem that I recently discovered with it that I'm not sure what it means or how to fix it. I have 2x3 TB hd's in a pool undiplicated with all of my media on it. When I click on any of the folders on the pool and go to properties-security this warning comes up and not sure what it means and how to fix it. Wondering if anyone had some insight on this. Running windows 8.1 64bit Pro Edition. Thank you
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