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  1. I ended up spending a few hours moving all files back to their preferred location (they had been "fragmented" across my drives i.e. files in a single folder's contents split across multiple drives.) I've reverted back to Flexraid's pool for now, and guess I'll give Drivepool another bash when a new version comes around.
  2. Thanks for the input - much appreciated. ver 2.1.561 - DrivePool ver 1.0.6 - Ordered File Placement Service.zip I replicated the issue as follows: Fresh DrivePool install Pool with 2 drives K: and H: (both with > 20% free space) H: drive (1.3 TB free space) is highest priority in ordered file placement balancer File placement rule configured: \PERSONAL\* to save to K: (H: drive not selected) Copied file to pool drive X:\PERSONAL -> file ends up on the H: drive Initiated re-balance -> file is moved to the K: drive
  3. OK, been playing around.... If I change Auto balancing from "Do not balance automatically" to "Balance immediately" then copy a file, the file goes to E: If I then force a Rebalance, the file is only then moved to D: Question: Am I doing something wrong, or is this the intended behaviour? If so, the balancing and file placement rules are overly complicated. My original intention was to replicate the "Auto-Folder Priority" merge mode behaviour in FlexRaid's pool. By enabling a single setting in Flexraid, files located in the same folders are automatically kept on the same drive as long as disk space is fine. As a result , all of my series, movies, etc are automatically kept on separate drives with zero effort from my side. For all of its faults, in FlexRaid this just works, while in Drivepool files that should ideally be kept together end up being fragmented over all of my drives - I am unable to get even close to replicating the FlexRaid behaviour. [Edit: Sorry if this comes across as overly critical. Hopefully someone can help me in the right direction. The rest of DrivePool is really awesome! ]
  4. Hope someone can help. When I install the Ordered File Placement plugin, it seems that the file placement rules are not obeyed. If I copy a file to my pooled drive V:\PERSONAL, the file is copied to the E: drive. Based on my config however, I'm expecting the file to go to my D: drive. If I then disable the Ordered File Placement balancer and try the copy again the file goes to the D: drive as expected. Based on my understanding of the config below, the balancer should respect the file placement rules. Folder placement rule: Place \PERSONAL\* on D:\ drive D: drive has 10% (124 GB) free space Ordered file placement balancer: E:\ set to highest priority (duplicated and unduplicated files) E: drive has 350 GB free File placement settings:
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