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  1. I ended up spending a few hours moving all files back to their preferred location (they had been "fragmented" across my drives i.e. files in a single folder's contents split across multiple drives.) I've reverted back to Flexraid's pool for now, and guess I'll give Drivepool another bash when a new version comes around.
  2. Thanks for the input - much appreciated. ver 2.1.561 - DrivePool ver 1.0.6 - Ordered File Placement Service.zip I replicated the issue as follows: Fresh DrivePool install Pool with 2 drives K: and H: (both with > 20% free space) H: drive (1.3 TB free space) is highest priority in ordered file placement balancer File placement rule configured: \PERSONAL\* to save to K: (H: drive not selected) Copied file to pool drive X:\PERSONAL -> file ends up on the H: drive Initiated re-balance -> file is moved to the K: drive
  3. OK, been playing around.... If I change Auto balancing from "Do not balance automatically" to "Balance immediately" then copy a file, the file goes to E: If I then force a Rebalance, the file is only then moved to D: Question: Am I doing something wrong, or is this the intended behaviour? If so, the balancing and file placement rules are overly complicated. My original intention was to replicate the "Auto-Folder Priority" merge mode behaviour in FlexRaid's pool. By enabling a single setting in Flexraid, files located in the same folders are automatically kept on the same drive as lon
  4. Hope someone can help. When I install the Ordered File Placement plugin, it seems that the file placement rules are not obeyed. If I copy a file to my pooled drive V:\PERSONAL, the file is copied to the E: drive. Based on my config however, I'm expecting the file to go to my D: drive. If I then disable the Ordered File Placement balancer and try the copy again the file goes to the D: drive as expected. Based on my understanding of the config below, the balancer should respect the file placement rules. Folder placement rule: Place \PERSONAL\* on D:\ drive D: drive has 10% (124 GB) free s
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