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    darkly reacted to Christopher (Drashna) in Files still disappearing   
    Sorry for not getting back to you on this! But glad to hear that it sounds like it's mostly resolved (by a bunch of disk checks?)
    We've .... spent a LOT of time on that section of code for StableBit DrivePool.  Not just moves, but deletes as well.  NTFS does some "weird" stuff, and it's cause issues in the past.
    That said, if you're able to reproduce this sort of issue, that would be awesome.  Especially, "at will".
    grabbing the drive tracing from this when it happens would be super helpful (as well as detailed instructions on how you triggered it).  This way, we can take a look at the logs and see what exactly happened. 
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    darkly reacted to darkly in Files deleting themselves..   
    Couldn't this issue be caused by errors in writing the raw disk data to gdrive (or issues retrieving it and putting it back together properly)? Almost every day random files or sometimes entire directories of files are just disappearing. I have nothing installed on this system that could do anything like this. Whenever larger batches of data go missing, I usually find out pretty soon after I have some issue with the program like drives refusing to write to the cloud for extended periods, drives erroring out and dismounting, drives failing to detach, drives reindexing, etc. This last batch I lost over 400 files. It's not just the files gone either, the entire directory that contained them is missing as well. This is immediately after remounting the drive following a restart of the machine due to clouddrive being unresponsive (but no, these weren't newly added files sitting in an upload queue. These files have been on gdrive since the first import over a week ago).
    EDIT: The number of files that actually disappeared is upwards of 700.
    EDIT 2: Interestingly, out of my two drives, only this one (ReFS) has lost data. The other drive (NTFS partitioned into 8 parts and pooled using DrivePool ) has not lost any files (to my knowledge). Though the ReFS drive has thousands of more files than the NTFS drive does.
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    darkly reacted to leaftail in Files deleting themselves..   
    Just wanted to chime in here that I experienced something similar to this earlier this year and made a post about it. Whenever I added files, random files/folders would disappear from the drive. I can also confirm that it wasn't just files in the upload queue disappearing and definitely not some automated software deleting my files since I didn't have anything like that running. I still don't know exactly what caused this but I've since deleted the entire drive and made a new one since I figured something was wrong with the drive and didn't want to keep looking for random missing files. So far I haven't come across the problem again.
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    darkly got a reaction from vapedrib in Hundreds of Gigabytes of data sitting in "to upload". Constant "thread was being aborted" errors.   
    Data is just not uploading. When I check back every now and then, I see a stack of "thread was being aborted" errors.
    Also when I  try to save I/O performance settings, it says "cloud drive not found.
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    darkly got a reaction from vapedrib in Can't use beta   
    Just installed the latest beta. GUI is glitched, looks like there is already a pool, but none of the buttons under Manage Pool do anything, the left facing and bottom facing arrow in the bar under the trial banner do nothing, in Disks, it says 2 things, "In order to create a new pool, connect a new disk to the system", and "Adding a disk to a pool doesn't erase or alter the existing files on that disk". I can't get out of this screen. I can't create a new pool, or do anything else but look at this screen and click on buttons that do nothing.
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    darkly got a reaction from vapedrib in Upload speed when copying files   
    Can someone explains why this happens?

    Firstly, if I understand correctly, this is the process for uploading a file:
    I copy a file from a local disk to the virtual disk That file is copied to a cache stored on the local disk that queues the file for upload CloudDrive uploads to GDrive (my cloud provider) whatever is sitting in the upload queue What I'm noticing is that when my upload queue has things in it and I'm not currently copying any more, I get upload speeds upwards of 600mbps, but when I start copying files to the virtual drive, the upload throttles down to 90-120mbps. What would cause this?

    Using the latest beta.
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