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    AlexL got a reaction from Christopher (Drashna) in Icy Box IB-3810U3 JBOD + Drivepool   
    After a few months one of the drives went haywire making the whole array to behave inconsistently, but a good old "chkdsk c: /r /scan /perf" brought it back to life.

    As for the fans, they are 3-pins yes, and worked fine in other mobos, but I guess the pins on the power supply wasnt outputting what needed to be outputed..
    The enclose doesnt mind if a fan doesnt exist inside the PSU no. I took the cable from the PSU, split that for both fans to work. This does mean that BOTH fans stop working if the unit is plugged in but without any of the disks are turned on, so use with caution!
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    AlexL got a reaction from Christopher (Drashna) in Icy Box IB-3810U3 JBOD + Drivepool   
    For posterity's sake:
    So I have worked with this enclosure for quite some time without any hitch, achieving the max that my old drives can achieve (tested without drivepool, 50mb/sec).
    Now for the box itself, you get it with 2 fans, one 140mm [placeholder for name and specs here] for the harddrives and a 80mm [placeholder for name and specs here] for the power supply, that had about 20 more dB output that I hated, living in an apartment and all.
    So I replaced these with a "Noctua NF-P14s redux-900 140mm" where the installation without a hitch, and a "Noctua NF-R8 redux-1200 80mm" where I found that it could not be started without help, so I bought Y-cable connected to the 140mm as well (https://www.kjell.com/se/sortiment/dator-natverk/datorkomponenter/kylning/adapterkablar/grenkabel-for-datorflaktar-3-pin-p98538) because the pin connector ON the PSU won't be able to drive my 80mm Noctua(!).
    All in all, the sound level in my room went from 56.3 dB to 39.6 db, which is like a breeze for me. The HDD's are at a stable 26C even at high load under a long time, which makes me confident buying fan regulators from aliexpress..
    Next up, I had to rename all drives "Icybox <drive bay> (<version of the drive>/<size>/USB version>)" to make sure I knew what to hotswap in the unlikely event ( ) that a disk goes nuts.  "version of the drive" to not confuse the disks if they are ever connected in the same computer...
    Snapraid is installed, as well as Elucidate for the GUI, with 2 parity drives for my 10 disk array, one disk being same size as the biggest in the array. I ran this the first time, and plan on running it once the balancing is done. 
    Speaking of fail-safe, I also run Duplication in DP for now, just for the piece of mind until I have fully tested the snapraid app in a recovery mode.
    I have 2 SSDs for the RAID write cache. For this I installed SSD Optimizer but it didn't kick in until a restart.
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    AlexL reacted to anotherforumname in Is DrivePool abandoned software?   
    As a paying customer, i'm concerned by the complete lack of release stable updates over this extended period.The latest stable version which was released eons ago. I know there have been some subsequent betas into the 2.2.x range but as we all know, that means nothing if nothing actually gets released in some form of a reasonable time frame. If this software has been abandoned, please let us know so we can migrate to other solutions as no one in their right mind should be using software that doesn't receive at least semi-regular updates.
    No response to this post would also be worrying as it would indicate a lack of attention and concern on the forum and in-turn the software itself.
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    AlexL reacted to jmone in My Rackmount Server   
    Check this out for ugly (both in looks and components)
    - Lian Li Case with 6HDD bays + a 5 in 3 Drive Enclosure.  Using Mobo SATA ports and cheap $20 PCI 1.5Gbps sata cards
    - HotBay 8 Bay drive enclosure connected by USB 3
    - Ghetto UPS (it actually provides UPS for my PC and Comms main equipment in the house not this backup server)
    2nd Pic is all this same gear relocated into my Rack.  The plan is to replace the Lian LI and Hotbay cases with a rackmount one (as well as "better" SATA cards - but oddly this setup has just worked!).
    Thanks for the link to that SAS Expander but it is 3-4x the price of a second M1115... or am I missing something?

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    AlexL reacted to Wiidesire in Dead Drive - What Was On It?   
    ​It's too late now. It wouldn't matter anyway because in the default configuration DrivePool splits your media so much across the drives that it's way too time consuming to try to replace single files manually. I'm using DrivePool for the same reason (media library) as you so I can give you two critical tips to avoid this in the future:
    ​1) Install the Ordered File Placement plugin from here. After that go to your pool options, activate the Ordered File Placement balancer and deactivate all others. Then prioritize your drives. This way when you add a TV show or a new season, it will all land on the same drive and will not be spread across the pool which is critical for a possible replacement unless you use capacity wasting duplication.
    Configurable ​Folder Split Levels would be an more ideal solution but the sole DrivePool developer "Alex" personally doesn't see the need for it -> low on priority list and will most likely never happen.
    ​2) Use the tool WinCatalog 2017 to keep track on what drive your media is. I'm very impressed with the tool so far. It not only archives the location and size of your files but also details like resolution/bitrate/audio tracks etc.
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    AlexL got a reaction from Antoineki in Drivepool + iSCSI user experience ?   
    Hi all, I have for years been slowly building adding drives to my Win10 NAS, seeking a silent HW option as well as simple to understand and recover once SHTF.  
    My setup today is:
    Shuttle DS437T Celeron 1037U 1.8 GHz/16GB RAM/Intel SSD - Main unit (chosen for the many USB ports (8) mainly, and fanless design)
    Windows 10 - OS
    External 2.5" HDDs of various sizes - Storage
    Storage spaces - Software used like a drive extender (no parity)  
    My long range plan is to move away from SS to Drivepool to get a more simplified setup in case of SHTF. For this I am planning to use Gnubee's (https://www.crowdsupply.com/gnubee/personal-cloud-1/) for my many 2.5 drives that are damn near silent, and have it be a iSCSI target on OpenMedia vault via a dedicated 100mbit switch. The Shuttle will therefore be a iSCSI initiatior, with drivepool holding it all together.

    So my question is:
    * Has anyone attempted Drivepool on iSCSI targets ?
    - If yes, what was your experience ? What where the pros and the cons? 
    - What transfer speeds should I expect ?

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